Bristol Hate Crime & Discrimination Services

Stand Against Racism & Inequality

Stand Against Racism & Inequality (SARI) specialise in race and faith-based hate crime.

0117 942 0060
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Brandon Trust

Brandon Trust specialise in supporting disabled people and tackling disability hate crime.

0117 958 6965
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LGBT Bristol

LGBT Bristol support people who have been victims of homophobic, biphobic or transphobic hate crime.

07804 945 849
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Bristol Mind

Bristol Mind supports victims of disability hate crime due to their mental health, and promotes better mental health for all.

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Avon & Bristol Law Centre

Avon and Bristol Law Centre help people with complex cases involving the law.

0117 924 8662
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Bristol Mediation

Bristol Mediation work with people to resolve conflict or repair harm through direct or indirect communication.

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What is Bristol Hate Crime & Discrimination Services?

Bristol Hate Crime and Discrimination Services (BHC&DS) is a collaboration of charities.

Jointly, we deliver services for victims of hate crime and discrimination in Bristol.

Stand Against Racism & Inequality (SARI)

SARI lead the collaboration, and will be triaging, assessing and allocating all new referrals; operating the 24/7 emergency out of hours service (available at 0800 171 2272); providing security installations and specialising in race and faith-based cases. They also host the primary casework team and will run the management team meetings.

Brandon Trust

Brandon Trust specialise in disability hate crime, including mate crime, and training delivery. They host a dedicated disability hate crime lead who can advise on making services and information accessible and deliver awareness raising session on disability hate crime and disability equality.

LGBT Bristol

LGBT Bristol offer expertise regarding the needs and issues of LGBTQ+ people. They host a dedicated caseworker who carried a caseload for people who are LGBTQ+. They also offer other services that promote the emotional health and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ people.

Bristol Mind

Bristol Mind bring knowledge of mental health hate crime; they host a dedicated caseworker who carried a caseload for people where mental health needs are prevalent. They can also offer advice on emotional health and wellbeing.

Avon & Bristol Law Centre (ABLC)

ABLC hosts a dedicated legal team who specialise in legal advice, advocacy, casework, support and representation for people who feel they have been the victims of discrimination whether at work or in accessing any service. They can advise on what action can be taken under the Equality Act 2010, as well as other ways of resolving any complaints. The service is for Bristol City Council residents facing discrimination due to their protected characteristics of age, disability, pregnancy & maternity, marriage or civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sex or gender, sexual orientation, or transgender reassignment.

Bristol Mediation

Bristol Mediation specialise in providing restorative approaches including restorative justice, conflict resolution and mediation.  They work on:
• Hate crime cases where the victim is open to restorative justice and the harmer is willing to engage, acknowledges what has happened and wants the opportunity to make amends.
• Mediation where two or more parties have experienced a hate incident/discrimination and would like the opportunity to have a voice, to feel heard and to find a way forward together.
• Conflict resolution services working with individuals to reduce the levels of anger, aggression, hostility and conflict.

"This new service is good news for Bristol and is helping us to continue leading the way nationally with community-based hate crime support. As a modern city there is no space for violence against anyone and people from all walks of life should feel able to call this place home. This SARI led partnership will offer local people a specialist service, run by experts that I hope will help to offer support to the most vulnerable in our community and stamp out this kind of unacceptable behaviour.”
Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol

What services do we offer?

Casework and legal advocacy for victims of hate crime and discrimination. We will support anyone who feels they are being targeted because of their protected characteristic.

Information and empowerment sessions for residents and community groups. We will do talks and sessions for people who are at risk of facing hate crime or who are actually facing hate crime, e.g. adult or young disabled people, faith groups, LGBTQ+ groups, BME groups and more, to empower them to recognise and respond effectively to hate crime or prejudice-based incidents.

Advice, guidance and information for agencies. We are here to offer advice to any agency or agency staff member on how best to deal with hate crime and to take referrals. We can do short information sessions. We can also offer more detailed bespoke training at competitive rates.

Restorative justice, mediation and conflict resolution for cases or situations where hate crime or discrimination is a factor. This can include where there is conflict or argument between different groups e.g. different ethnic groups, or faith groups against LGBT groups etc. We also see quite a few cases where individuals allege hate towards each other, e.g. a disabled person and a BME person both feeling targeted by the other.

One-to-one work with perpetrators. We have offering up to 3 sessions with individual perpetrators of hate crime. Offenders need to be willing and give consent to engage with out service. We anticipate this being particularly applicable to young perpetrators, adult perpetrators of lower level offences or adult offenders with additional vulnerabilities such as learning disabilities. We will utilise the expertise of our different partners to deliver the sessions, which we will embed with restorative approaches.

One-to-one work with young victims of hate crime. We are offering up to three sessions for young victims in order to empower them to overcome to impact of abuse.

Signposting to relevant services; at times people will need specialist services such as counselling, mental health support, domestic or sexual abuse services, help with drug or alcohol issues etc. We will be able to signpost to internal and external services as needed. we will go with people go with people on this journey if that is what is needed to get them successfully to the service they need.

Quarterly Provider Forums for local agencies and residents who would like to get updates about our work; learn about our services and be informed about key equalities related issues. Each forum will be themed on relevant topics chosen by those who attend the forum. In the past we have run sessions on mate crime, refugees and asylum seekers and LGBT needs.

Raising voices for victims of hate and discrimination by running an annual victims' 'voices day' as a round table event with key agency reps listening to the stories and experience of those that have faced hate crime and discrimination. These days also identify learning and the actions needed for local providers to embed in future practice. We will also continue to run our hate crime users group (HUG) in which people with lived experience come together to influence local services and empower other victims.

BHC&DS training leaflet


As a partnership of six organisations, Bristol Hate Crime & Discrimination Services is able to offer a wide range of specialist training and consultancy services, available at competitive rates.

As a result of our strong strategic partnership, we are also able to work collaboratively to provide bespoke training packages, resulting in training that covers our diverse communities and intersectionality according to your specific needs.

All earnings will go towards each charity’s crucial work for local communities.